Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is being built?

A 360 unit mixed use apartment building with retail spaces and a parking garage.

How big is the building?

The building is 175′ x 410′ with a total of 13 stories.

Who do we contact to inquire about construction ?

CLICK HERE to contact us or email us at

What is the duration of construction?

Construction is scheduled to be complete August 2020.

Why are most concrete pours early in the morning?

There are several reasons why we have early morning concrete pours:

1. Less traffic: This means we can have long continuous pours without the chance of the cement trucks getting stuck in traffic.

2. Less heat: We all know how hot it can get around here during the day. So when we our early in the morning it is much cooler outside which safer for the workers.

3. Less chance of rain: We also know that it seems to rain just about everyday in the afternoon. The early morning pours will allow the concrete cure enough to where rain would not damage it.

4. Less crowded site: The concrete crew will be the only one on site during the early morning reducing the safety risk to other workers that will be there during the day.

How do I know what activities are coming up?

CLICK HERE to see the project upcoming events.